I am Barry Breen

Technology & Business Consultant

ABN Consultants has the expertise to bring you solutions to your technical and business issues.  Review our website for more details of our experience and service areas.  Contact us by phone or email so we may discuss how to assist you.

I Have Passion For What I Do

ABN Consultants provides technical and business solutions through consulting in a number of areas:
  • Photovoltaics, thin film technology and advanced materials
  • Process and Manufacturing Scale-up
  • Business Plan Development
  • Particular experience with Israeli high-tech / clean-tech companies
  • R&D grant proposals – Israel and Europe
  • Technical Writing:  ISO-9001 Documents and Application Notes
  • Interim Management

Thin/Thick film tech & advanced materials

Drawing upon broad experience in coating and materials technology, guidance and problem solving are offered in a number of thin/thick film related processes:
  • Evaporation, sputtering and PECVD
  • Wet cleaning
  • Photolithography (proximity)
  • Adhesives, temporary bonding & various polymer coats
  • Electroless, electroplating and solder coat
  • Dicing
  • Screen printing
  • Sol-gel technology

Process/Manufacturing Scale-up

We have vast experience in dealing with scale-up problems associated with manufacturing processes utilizing new materials.  Assistance is offered in the following areas:
  • Problem solving of product and process issues
  • Use of statistical methods to accelerate process development and improvement (DOE, SPC)
  • Guidance on building structured Development and Engineering projects for meeting scale-up objectives of yield and throughput, on time and with optimal budget.

Business Plan Development

We offer companies assistance in preparing business plans and investor documents.  This work may include one or more of the following activities:
  • Project Planning including time & resource requirements
  • Identification of markets and business model
  • Guidance on company focus and execution
I have particular experience with Israeli based startups, but am available to assist startup and pre-startup companies anywhere in the world on Market potential, Technological feasibility, and Project plan including time and cost estimates.

Technical Writing including ISO-9001

Periods of growth in a company and the ISO-9001 qualification process create a heavy load of documentation for staff.  We can share this load to complete documentation work more quickly and with the highest level of quality.  We can help with:
  • Quality Documents – assistance in writing product, process, materials and quality specifications
  • Product and Application Notes in support of Marketing
  • Website content and Presentations

Interim Management

Startup companies sometimes require new or additional management for operational, technical or executive leadership but not always are in a position to commit to a full time senior position.  I can represent and work within the company as an official member of the team.  The contracting company achieves greatest flexibility and lowest total cost.  Efforts as a company manager may include some or all of the following areas:
  • Executive, operational or technical management
  • Identification of markets and customers
  • Communicate with customers on business & technical level
  • Grants and Fundraising
  • Technical project management and review
Clients we served
Clients supported include advanced materials-based manufacturing and R&D companies,  government agencies and University Technology Transfer Organizations.
Successful Team Projects
We can provide insights at single meetings, but are glad to integrate with your team and solve together technology problems or bizdev for acquiring customers, investors and government grants.
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